16 Time Wasters of Entrepreneurs

16 Time Wasters of Entrepreneurs-.

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27 thoughts on “16 Time Wasters of Entrepreneurs

  1. You’re the only one I have notifications turned on for twitter, and wasting
    time with your videos on a daily basis : ))

  2. thanks for taking the time into putting the videos together mate

  3. I want to surround myself with people like you. Period. I just enjoy
    listening to all your videos and trying to implement your philosophy in my
    work habits. Thanks

  4. Very good video, staying aware of time draining is crucial to success .

  5. bro this video is great but you really need to invest in a mic that doesn’t
    static like that

  6. This is really great video. Everything about this video is awesome, great
    content, perfect speech, nicely composed.

  7. I believe that the most difficult job in the world is the reeducation and
    reconstruction of the mind and I applaud and appreciate the effort
    VALUETAINMENT is pushing in to educate and re-orient minds. INSPIRING!!!
    Question: How do you measure your productivity: completing your tasks @
    hand or avoiding these “time wasters”?

  8. there’s a few things I realized I need to change. thanks for taking your
    time and making/sharing this video

  9. Patrick, I like your first point about don’t do $10 jobs. It’s very similar
    to a video on “Money is time” by simple programmer, I recommend a watch! He
    talks about how you can use your money to buy back your time, so you can
    better spend your time!

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