Famous Social Entrepreneurs

famous social entrepreneursThere is a great movement supported by famous social entrepreneurs that is modeling the entrepreneurial vision.

I have found this article really inspiring about how we can make the world a better place through little improvements in business.

Social entrepreneurship is not a fashion recently adopted by business owners to become famous social entrepreneurs, is a real attitude from people who is concious about global needs.

I think the world would be a better place if we praised ourselves and each other more. That’s a fairly sweeping statement, of course.

However, have a look at your life and see whether you experienced some occasions where you took heart and went for it when somebody encouraged and praised you.

maxresdefaultThe following story made me think of this. I subscribe to the Skoll Foundation newsletter. This foundation supports and encourages social entrepreneurs who start businesses with the sole purpose of helping society, but at the same time growing viable businesses.

In the newsletter they were profiling some interviews with people on one of their programs called social edge and I went to the site to watch the videos of the interviews.

One of the people being interviewed was a journalist called David Bornstein, also the author of ‘How to Change the World‘. During the video interview David tells how he first met Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

He had just finished journalism school and was now interviewing this very famous person. As an aside Dr Yunus and his bank were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for their efforts to create economic and social development from below.

As an intro to the interview he told Dr Yunus that he was green behind the ears having just finished school and that he was really nervous. Dr Yunus told him that he was confident that he would produce the best report and article on the Bank that had ever been written.

David Bornstein felt like he was walking on air when he left the bank. Those few words of praise and encouragement lifted him and made him feel like a million dollars.

One sentence can make a person feel that he or she can conquer the world. How often do we praise somebody? Hardly ever. We don’t praise ourselves either. In fact we spend most of our time criticising ourselves and others.

But have a look at this more closely. How do you feel towards a person who genuinely praises you. I’m not talking about a situation where somebody praises because they want something in return. Imagine a genuine praise.

Famous social entrepreneurs

Somebody who voices appreciation for something good you have done. How do you feel? You feel good. You like that person. You think that person is alright, maybe you even think that person is fantastic.

Now have a look at the lethal horrific enemies around. The terrorists that are bombing our countries. In the UK recently, a group of medical professionals who were prepared to kill made the headlines of the news.

If one were to praise people, for instance Muslims, Middle East citizens or any other so-called enemy. Would they still want to bomb us?

blake-mycoskieWe have either scorned, insulted, belittled or hurt these people who are now so angry at us. They are experiencing the same feelings that we do when somebody does not appreciate us for who we are.

We feel hurt when we try our best to reach out a hand of friendship and it gets slapped away. We feel insulted if somebody does not acknowledge or praise our efforts towards establishing a friendship or other deeds.

The politicians of the Western world have scorned anybody outside their area. The West has traditionally treated people whose beliefs and culture are different to theirs with distain and scorn.

In many instances the West has sent missionaries and politicians to teach the rest of the world what is right and wrong, what is considered education and civilisation. After all the savages needed to be educated. The West has not praised the rest of the world for its progress and history.

muhammad-yunusAnd now the West is surprised that the rest of the world, especially the Middle East retaliates with strong actions. And maybe these actions are so strong and vicious because the citizens of the Middle East are sick and tired of not being permitted to live their lives the way they want to and are certainly not appreciated or praised for what they have achieved in their countries and civilisations.

The above are really extreme examples of my theory. For the average person, there is not that much that we can do to help in the global stage of misunderstanding and injustice towards people. What we can do, is have a closer look at the people around us, and start praising them for the great things they do and especially the wonderful things they do for and to us.

If we do this often enough, maybe our dear politicians might just join in and a general feeling of well-being could end up in the world, rather than the hate, mistrust and anger commonly found. Ok. Deep breath, I can dream can’t I?

So, do you want to be a famous social entrepreneur?

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