The Secret to Making Money by Starting a Small Business.

There is a secret to making money by starting a small business and that secret is revealed in this video.

A terrific Workshop on how you can obtain a business going without having to invest a great deal of money.

Justis talks about exactly how its feasible to utilize exactly what he calls the 3 “S’s” to produce successful small companies that do what you desire them to do … in other words make you money and give you freedom rather than taking cash as well as time away from you.

This 38 min program is a wonderful primer on how you can begin any type of business and make it a success.

Watch the video several times so you get clear the keys to making money by starting a small business.

Video: making money by starting a small business


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23 thoughts on “The Secret to Making Money by Starting a Small Business.

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  8. The secret of starting a small business is to find a root source supplier ,
    like me 🙂 Only a joke.

  9. This is the most honest and resourceful video i have watched in my
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