Social Entrepreneur Ideas That Will Surprise Or Inspire You

social entrepreneur ideasI found an inspiring article about social entrepreneur ideas and how those ideas have changed the way people see the future of business.

Writen by Devin Thorpe , and published on Forbes, the mentioned article goes deep to find out how social entrepreneurs are making the big change.

Here is part of the article tittled 14 social entrepreneur ideas that will surprise or inspire you, and the link to hace full access to it.

Over the last several days, the Social Venture Network (SVN), a national association of social entrepreneurs held its spring conference in San Diego and I had the opportunity to attend.

The membership of SVN has a palpable passion for organic food, protecting the environment and changing the world. Below are some of the messages I picked up at the conference.

social entrepreneurBe Political. Gary Hirshberg, founder and chair of Stonyfield, said he left his position as CEO of Stonyfields to work full time at advocating and lobbying on behalf of the organic industry. He emphasized that 92% of Americans favor disclosure of genetically engineered ingredients in their food. This won’t happen, he says, without collective advocacy.

Go where others don’t. Walter Robb, co-CEO of Whole Foods, shared the story of opening a store in downtown Detroit, where there hasn’t been a supermarket in 30 years. The community has rallied around the store to make it a success and the company has learned from it, allowing the company to learn how to open stores in other inner-city communities.

Corporations harm the environment but many don’t want to. Amy Larkin, author of Environmental Debt: The Hidden Costs of a Changing Global Economy explained the connection between the growing environmental crisis and global economics.

She noted that many corporations want to invest in clean tech, but choose not to because of the short term financial pain—even though many green investments have positive long term financial impacts. She advocated specifically for accelerated depreciation for green infrastructure investments to incentivize, really enable, corporations to invest in reducing the environmental harm.

Children in America don’t lack calories, they lack food.” Neil Grimmer, Plum Organics, President and Founder says the company make food available to food banks because there are 16 million kids who lack consistent access to food, creating a need for billions of meals per year. Having donated over 3.6 million, Grimmer notes there is a lot left to do.

Rape is treated as an occupational hazard in the military. Megan Lowry, whose father was a Marine and who committed suicide within the past week, creating the emotional pinnacle of the conference by sharing her experience as a woman who had been raped in the military, and as the victim was treated as the offender and ostracized.

On average, 22 veterans kill themselves every day. Megan herself attempted suicide four times and was ultimate helped by an organization called Honoring the Path of the Warrior.

Find the full article “14 social entrepreneur ideas that will surprise you or inspire you”.  Click here.

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